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Our cottage owners say the nicest things!

Here are some examples of why ownership at The Cottages at Port Stanton has been such a good choice for other families. If you would like to speak to a cottage owner about their ownership experience please let us know and we will gladly arrange an introduction.

​"We live in the Niagara Peninsula and we are lucky enough to have beautiful scenery at home. However, there is something magical about having our own cottage on beautiful Sparrow Lake. We love the change in seasonal activities.....the swimming, ice fishing, boating. 

We also enjoy the Bayview Wildwood Lodge activities which are included with our cottage purchase agreement. The kids regularly use the indoor swimming pool, the exercise room, and tennis courts. The older family members can enjoy the nightlife and entertainment offered in the evenings at the lodge. 

Our cottage has all the amenities of a five star hotel!! We have a lovely kitchen area to use or we can escape to the lodge dining room for special meals or just an evening away from cooking. The bedrooms are comfortable with gorgeous decor. Two large bathrooms enable everyone to get showered and organized efficiently. The fireplace in the great room lends itself to cozy family movie watching. 

My favourite addition to the cottage is the washer and dryer. We do not have to bring as many clothes on vacation and there does not have to be a pile of dirty laundry to take home! I also love the fact that bedding and towels are supplied. The cottage is clean and organized before we arrive. All we have to do upon arrival is unpack our clothes and food. 

We love the layout of our cottage and having seen some of the others, we see that the plans are carefully designed to suit the lake front location. The huge screened-in porch adds extra living space in the warmer weather. It is such fun to play cards and relax while watching yet another view of the lake. 

We had investigated the cost of buying a cottage. However, a cottage in our price range would mean that we could only afford a fixer-upper with lake front property. We could foresee that it would not be much fun fixing a cottage for several years. There would be work and expense, rather than rest and relaxation. For us, fractional ownership has been the answer. The Cottages is a wonderful family friendly place to be!!"

Susan Smith
Cottage Owner - The Cottages at Port Stanton II

"There's so much to like about Cottages II, but three things stand out when it comes to our cottage experience: 

  1. It's hassle-free cottaging. From the minute you finish unloading the car until you pack it back up, you don't have to do anything except enjoy (well you might choose to do a little barbecuing!). There are no typical cottage maintenance jobs waiting for you: no grass to cut, no porches to mend, no pumps to prime and no bedding to air out. It's a full week of doing what you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to do.

  2. Our cottage is right on the lake. It's only a few steps to the beach and a few more steps to the dock. We've seen the layouts for some other fractionals and there you have to cross a road or a parking lot or walk for 5 minutes before you get to their lakes. As far as we're concerned that equates to about 4 1/2 minutes less play time each and every time the kids want to go to the beach. And isn't being right on the water what cottaging is all about?

  3. Access to the facilities of the Bayview Wildwood Resort. When the kids want a break from you (or vice-versa), it's too cold to swim (or the lake's frozen), you want to continue your fitness routine but couldn't fit the treadmill into your trunk, or you don't want to cook but don't want to drive into town for dinner, then you can just wander up the lane and find the solution to all of these problems at the resort. It's cottage living with perks."

Stan, Sharon and Kevin (Sara and Jason)

"Purchasing a fractional ownership at the Cottages II stands out as one of the best decisions Susan and I have ever made. We have been coming to Sparrow Lake as a family for over 25 years and just love the location.

We have the best of it all; we are four season people so whether it is sitting in the sun, golfing at one of the local courses, walking the trails in winter or skating on the lake and we always enjoy the fall colours. Our summer week gives us an opportunity to have the whole family up! 

Being associated with Bayview allows us to treat ourselves to some fine dining while having the privacy and quiet of the cottage. The cottages II has it all, we have enjoyed every single week we have been there! I highly recommend this as the best way to enjoy the grandeur of Muskoka with little fuss."

Sandy and Susan Grigg

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