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  • Are pets allowed?
    As The Cottages II at Port Stanton is a shared ownership resort, we do not allow any pets to vacation with you.
  • Do I have access to Bayview Wildwood Resort's facilities and services?
    As an owner, you have access to the recreation facilities and services that Bayview Wildwood Resort offers on a year-round basis. There are nominal rental fees for certain equipment and user fees for any "supervised" programs offered. We highly recommend you make reservations at Echo's Dining Lounge to experience the wonderful cuisine, great wine list and service.
  • How is the use organized?
    Fractional ownership of The Cottages II at Port Stanton means that each cottage will have ten owners. Each owner chooses a fixed summer week (based on availability). The other four weeks; one in each of Winter, Autumn, Spring and Bonus seasons, will be booked through a reservation sequence that is assigned to each owner upon purchase. The sequence of choosing weeks in each of the four seasons will rotate yearly between the owners of each cottage. Arrival and departure will be Friday to Friday.
  • What about cleaning after we leave?
    After you leave, the cottage will be professionally cleaned by the management company to prepare for the next owner's week.
  • What about smoking?
    Smoking is not allowed inside the cottage itself.
  • What is the ownership structure?
    Fractional Cottage ownership consists of a voting membership in a non for profit association that holds the deed of the land and buildings in trust for the owners. Each owner is acquiring a beneficial interest in the property in perpetuity. The interest can be sold or willed to another party according to the By-laws of the association - assuring the quality of your vacation experience forever.
  • What makes fractional ownership more convenient?
    You own a luxury cottage for 5 full weeks every year but only have a fraction of the cost and responsibility. Your cottage is fully furnished and accessorized, cleaned and waiting for you. You can walk in on your first night bringing only your "consumables" and personal belongings. Then sit back, relax and enjoy. No maintenance, no worrying about year-round access... it's quite simply a fabulous no-hassle option to cottage ownership.
  • Who determines the yearly maintenance fees and what is included in the cost?
    The Port Stanton Cottages II Association (of which each owner is a voting member) determines the yearly maintenance fees. The yearly maintenance fees include all the costs required to operate and administer the cottages, facilities and lands. As well, they include a reserve for future refurnishing/renovation and a management fee to the management company. Each year the owners will be provided with the Actual Costs from the previous year and the Budgeted Costs for the following year as per the By-laws of the association.
  • Who provides the management of the cottages and site?
    The Port Stanton Cottages II Association (of which each owner is a voting member) assigns a management company that provides the daily operational management of the site's buildings, facilities and lands. For the first five development years, the management company is Port Stanton Hospitality Services Inc.

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