Appreciate Autumn with a Fall Foliage Driving Tour in Muskoka

Fall colors are fleeting, just like the seasons.

To take in this temporary rainbow of hues that paints the countryside, nothing could be better than a fall foliage driving tour in Muskoka.

The very best window of time to enjoy a driving tour is when the colors are at their peak, from September through October. Before you head out, check a fall foliage map to make sure you’re choosing the right time to see the colors before they disappear, especially since there can be a significant difference between the hues on show in north Muskoka vs. south Muskoka.

Meanwhile, read on to find out the best routes through this scenic area.

Check Out the Best Routes to See Muskoka’s Fall Colors

Gateway to Muskoka and Beyond

Gravenhurst starts off this route with its historic landmarks like the Opera House. The road takes you to Bala, which boasts several waterfalls, and then on across the canyon of Huckleberry Cut.

Muskoka’s Heart

This route is called the “Grand Tour” for a reason – the tour will last 4-6 hours, depending on stops, and winds through the heart of Muskoka, starting and ending in Bracebridge. Stop at Baysville Park on the way, which will provide views of the Baysville Narrows.

North Muskoka’s Lake of Bays

Drive through winding woods among tall trees glowing with fall colors of gold, yellow, amber, and rust. Spy a view of the lakeshore through the trees, reflecting the cerulean blue of the autumn sky. This route takes you through picturesque towns such as Bracebridge, Baysville, Dorset, and North Portage.

Visit Muskoka to Revel in Autumn’s Beauty

A fall foliage driving tour through Muskoka is the perfect way to enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. See everything Ontario has to offer when you stay with us at Bayview Wildwood Resort.