Bayview Wildwood Resort understands that ‘Team Building’ activities are an important aspect of event planning for many corporate functions. From guided nature hikes to specialty seminars, Bayview Wildwood will have your group working together to boast team enthusiasm and camaraderie. Below we have outlined some examples of our event planning to assist your corporation in team building activities.

Team Building Activities

There are a wide variety of activities that can be chosen by your group. We have many different events such as our Outdoor/Indoor Survivor Challenge; Bayview’s Amazing Race, Olympics Day, Sports Challenge (including curling in the winter). You can choose a specific event or create a combination of activities from several of these events. If you have something specific in mind that you would like us to create for you, please feel free to mention this when booking your corporate event or group. We can customize activities to fit you needs.

bayview wildwood hiking in the great outdoors

The Really Great Outdoors

Bayview Wildwood Resort offers a terrific wilderness trail system. Do not miss the opportunity to enhance your experience and hike these trails with an experienced guide. Leave the congestion of the conference room & wake up the mind of your participants to the wonderful outdoors. Take a real breather from the stress and anxiety of your agenda and get your group out into the fresh and truly invigorating fresh air!
This relaxed and very informative walk is led by David Hawke, a naturalist with over 30 years experience of working in the outdoors and with groups of all sizes and interests. After completing the hike, many participants have remarked that they “hadn’t expected to have such a great time and to learn so much.”

bayview wildwood family hike

Why Are You Like That?

Discover the four personality ‘types’ that you may become in your lifetime. Participants will use a nature and Native based workbook to discover and record why you act or react the way you do. Are you a strong polar bear or high-flying eagle? Are you a laid back brown bear or a meticulous field mouse? Each personality has its strengths and weaknesses. Find out yours and how to apply this knowledge to your workplace, your family relations and when socializing with your friends.
This workshop is based on teachings of the native Medicine Wheel. It is perfect for small to moderate sized companies that would like to strengthen their staff’s knowledge and awareness of each other’s strengths. The facilitator, David Hawke, has presented this workshop many times, to groups as small as three and up to 35 participants.


The Muskoka Idol Challenge

The Muskoka Touring Company has worked with different companies to achieve a night of working together through music & song. With the use of karaoke, dance, music, costumes & props we have individuals come together as a team in a fun and harmonious way.
If you have a certain team building theme in mind for your corporate function, Bayview Wildwood event planning can help you achieve your unique group goals. NEW to our group planning, Bayview Wildwood Resort now offers two better health workshops, ideal for improving your group or company’s well being.  Plan to include one or both seminars into your next group gathering, please ask our Group planner for more details.

Health and wellness workshop at Bayview Wildwood

Health & Wellness Workshop

At the start of this program all participants will take a nutritional assessment on which each person will be individually assessed and counseled. Various options and suggestions will be given as to supplements ie: vitamins, minerals, etc that can be added to the diet as well as foods or eating habits that may need to be changed, stopped or adapted. These will depend on age, weight, activity levels etc. These areas will be further broken down into individual calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate needs. Other topics which will be covered will be dealing with various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Canada’s Food Guide will be discussed as well as muscle and energy testing.
This workshop provides a bundle of information that you will be able to use in everyday life that will help you to feel more energized, more alert and ready to take on the challenges of each day. Providing simple and easy to understand solutions to achieve overall good health.

Stress Relief Workshop

Stress Relief Workshop

In this workshop we explore ways to manage pain control, experience progressive relaxation and meditation. There are a wide variety of techniques to help reduce and even rid yourself of muscle tension and stress. You will learn the basics of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Quantum Touch, Energy Healing, Massage and even exercise to help reduce your stress levels.
This workshop is beneficial for people new to these areas as well as those who have already chosen to explore these avenues of reducing stress. Extremely informative and great hands-on experience this session will not only leave you feeling better and healthier but will arm you with the knowledge to fend of the effects of stress in your everyday life.